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Gillian Flynn, Editor-at-Large

Hi! I’m Gillian Flynn, editor-at-large for Workforce. I started with the magazine several years ago in our Southern California headquarters, straight out of college from the University of Kansas (talk about culture shock!).

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I now write from my home in Chicago and zap stories back West over the Internet. People always ask me if I find writing from home challenging. I tell them it would be a lot more challenging to go back to wearing anything but sweats during the workday.

For the several years, I wrote all articles about the Workforce Optimas Award winners. These are the kinds of stories journalists like covering but rarely get to because they’re mostly “good” news. Any time I read a story in the paper about a company’s problems with discrimination, harassment or mistreatment of workers, I think about our Optimas winners to remind myself of the good guys that are out there.

I also write our “Legal Insight” column in print, which really keeps me on my toes. It seems like there’s always a new trend in employment law popping up.

If there’s anything you’d like to read more about, please let me know — I’m always on the lookout for topics. I love writing for Workforce. Our readers are bright, informed and passionate.

Occasionally I’ll be introduced to someone who works in HR, and the person invariably can rattle off three or four favorite Workforce articles (when one of those articles is mine, I love it even more!).

I’m proud to say that I won the prestigious Jesse H. Neal award in 1996 for my article, “Warning: Your Best Ideas May Work Against You.”

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to get in touch with me – feedback from readers always makes my day. Send me an e-mail at gflynn2@hotmail.com.