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Sam Greengard, Contributing Editor

The thing I enjoy most about writing is that I have an opportunity to earn a doctorate in the world every day of the week. I love interviewing interesting people – whether they’re world leaders or 20 levels down in the corporate structure.

I also love doing research, and the Internet is the greatest public library ever conceived. Best of all, you don’t have anyone telling you to “hush” while you’re exploring great sites and unraveling the mysteries of the universe. I also enjoy the act of putting words on paper and telling a story.

With all the negativity and horrible stuff that goes on in our world, it’s nice to help people and enrich their lives. It’s also great to help people make sense of things – particularly at a time when we’re all on information overload.

One of my main beats with Workforce is technology, which is quickly permeating almost every aspect of HR. I think that it’s important to pay heed to this trend because – whether we like it or not – the world moves forward, not backward.

And though I’m upbeat about how technology can drive improvement, the feeling isn’t absolute. I think technology for technology’s sake is a huge waste, and I also believe that we must manage technology or it quickly controls us.

Inherently, it’s neither good nor bad – it’s what we do with our HRMS, cellular phones and e-mail on a daily basis that sets us free or enslaves us. Having said that, it’s clear that computers and software are far too complex in their present state. I hope I’m providing a guiding light.

But technology isn’t my only interest. I really enjoy writing on sociological topics such as privacy, ethics and issues involving corporate culture. I also write for a variety of other publications. Besides Workforce, my byline has appeared in America West, American Way, Continental Profiles, Discover, Family Circle, Home, Industry Week, Los Angeles magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Travel and Leisure, TWA Ambassador, US Airways, and Wired.

Frankly, I never imagined becoming a professional writer. In college, I managed restaurants and after graduating went to work for Pacific Bell in a management position. I quickly discovered that the corporate world wasn’t for me and realized that the pen is always mightier than the bored. Fast forward almost 20 years, and I’ve managed to make writing a successful career. Click on sam@greengard.com to e-mail me.