About the iAwards-i

The Optimas Awards recognize initiatives that create positive business results for organizations.

Since 1991, the Optimas Awards have been a source of ideas, direction and inspiration for workforce management professionals. The awards celebrate the winners’ success at solving some of the biggest business challenges of our time.

Demonstrated Business Results

Optimas Award winners have helped open new markets around the world, reinvented city government, slashed bureaucracy in the federal government, established Mexico’s first HMO, taken health care to rural America, revitalized failing business units and improved the acquisition process.

Not surprisingly, Optimas Award winners have pushed their organizations to record profits, greater market share, higher stock value and better corporate reputations. In short, they have produced tangible, measurable business results.

Results-Oriented Workforce Management Is Practiced Everywhere

The Optimas Award winners prove that astute workforce management can be practiced anywhere: in family businesses and the public sector, in the Fortune 500 and in small organizations, in big cities and on the farm, in industries of every sort.

Optimas Award winners are “among the best” (which is what “optimas” means in Latin) and reflect the leadership, vision and energy that define workforce management.

How to Submit Your Nomination

The application deadline for the 2011 Optimas Awards is Aug. 31, 2011. Winners demonstrate how their initiatives achieved measurable business results in response to the organization’s business needs, issues or challenges. Each winning program is profiled in an article printed in Workforce Management magazine and published on the Workforce Management Web site (www.workforce.com).

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