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Workforce Management analyzes the human resources (HR) trends and provides the tools that drive business results.

Below is a quick summary of the trends and tools you’ll find in each section of Workforce online:

Home Page
The latest articles published on Workforce online. These articles are also published in their appropriate HR Channel (i.e. Benefits, HR Management, Legal Insight, etc.)
News Poll
What’s your take on the news? This weekly poll allows you and your peers to voice your opinions on HR-related issues. Also found within The Buzz section.
Hot Posts
Some of the more interesting, unusual, probing, useful, or popular messages posted in the Community Center. Related posts are also featured in each HR Channel.
Legal Spotlight
Employment law, labor-relations, and other legal issues discussed in plain English. Also featured in Legal Insight.
Commerce Center
The latest additions to the Commerce Center, featuring product showcases and Decision Guides. Also includes the Vendor Directory — your comprehensive source of HR products and services.
Work Views
Award-winning columnists who aren’t afraid to say the things others won’t.
Dear Workforce
Your HR questions answered by our team of experts. Also featured in The Buzz and Dear Workforce newsletter.
If it’s hands-on, you’ll find it here. Sample performance appraisals, policies, forms, self-assessments, and more. Also featured in The Buzz section.
Product Case Study
Special vendor-provided case studies highlighting an HR product or service and its effect on practical business results.
Navigation Bar
Located at the top of our navigation bar, this search function allows you to search all Workforce content by title, author, or phrase. More options are available in the Research Center.
HR Channels
Target your areas of interest. Each channel features resources devoted to a specific area of HR, including articles, forums, product listings, and more:

Research Center
The entire collection of Workforce online content, past and present:

  • Topic Index: Workforce content, sorted by 85 HR topics.

  • Search: A more robust version of the navigation search. Search all content, or individual topics. Search by keyword, title, author, or exact phrase.

Commerce Center
  • Vendor Directory: Over 2,800 product and service listings, including contact information and links. Organized into 140 categories and sub-categories.

  • Decision Guides: An interactive utility to help you research, compare, and choose the best product for you. Includes Applicant Tracking and Human Resource Management systems.

  • Success Stories: Learn from the “success stories” of other HR professionals. Find out how they achieved their goals using specific HR products and services.

  • Product Showcase: Get detailed information about selected HR products and services that can help you drive business results.

  • Workforce Surveys: Fill out any survey and be entered to WIN $500 in American Express Gift Cheques. The surveys ask about your future HR product buying needs and are confidential, unless you request that more information be sent to you.

Community Center
  • Dear Workforce: Your HR questions answered by HR experts. Examine others’ questions, or ask your own.

  • Topic Forums: Discuss your dilemmas, solutions, challenges, and successes with your peers.

  • Member Network: Expand your community. Search for fellow Workforce registered users by job function, location, company size, and more.

The Buzz
  • News Poll: What’s your take on the news? This weekly poll allows you and your peers to voice your opinions on HR-related issues.

  • Work Views: Award-winning columnists who aren’t afraid to say the things others won’t.

Workforce Management Magazine
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  • Workforce Management Magazine Cover: See what’s inside the latest issue of Workforce Management magazine. Discover the trends that will help your business get results.

  • Subscription Help: The answers to all of your subscription questions. Billing, delivery, and contact information.

  • About the Magazine: Anything and everything you want to know about Workforce Management magazine.

E-Mail Newsletters
  • Workforce Week: A popular, concise, and useful newsletter featuring new articles, Community Center hot posts, time-saving tools, and HR news. View a sample issue, or subscribe.

  • Dear Workforce: A twice-monthly collection of Workforce member questions, and expert answers. View a sample issue, or subscribe.

  • Workforce Talent: Twice each month, you’ll read about boosting retention, improving career Web sites, making online recruiting easier, working with colleges, raiding competitors and finding passive candidates. View a sample issue, or subscribe.

  • Workforce Benefits: Get timely and insightful news, trends and in-depth information on the world of benefits with this free, weekly e-mail. View a sample issue, or subscribe.

  • Workforce Training: Stay informed on the world of training with this free, monthly e-mail. You’ll read about monthly trends, strategies and resources for training and developing your workforce talent. View a sample issue, or subscribe.

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Advertising Information
Reach over 280,000 HR professionals. Realize your advertising potential with Workforce.
About Workforce Management
  • Mission & Products: “HR Trends & Tools for Business Results” — our mission, and your goal. Discover how Workforce Management can help you help your business and recognize HR success. See all Workforce Management has to offer!

  • Editorial Info: Review our content guidelines, including submission and reprint/permission policies. Also featured are Workforce Management awards and accolades.

  • Contact Us: Contact information for the entire Workforce Management staff.

Workforce Management Optimas Awards
The Workforce Management Optimas Awards recognize HR initiatives that create positive business results for their organizations. Review our present and past winners, selection process, Optimas categories, or nominate your own company for next year’s awards.