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Dear Workforce How to Generate Interest In A Low-Wage Position

Dear Desperate:

Am I missing something? You’re looking for an Internet shopper and notusing the Internet. Come on. Here’s what to do.

Write a creative ad and put it on Monster.com or another site, like a localjob board. Newspaper ads are pretty useless if you’re trying to attract a GenY person. A creative ad must have an outrageous title and compelling copy.

Hereare some ideas for the outrageous title.

  • Yeah, Baby, Yeah — This Job is Shagadelic.
  • The Secret’s Out — We’re Looking for a Secret Shopper (list incustomer service)
  • This Secret Shopper Job is Wicked (for Boston)

The key is to make the title fun, long, and tie it into a theme that appealsto the target audience. The theme could be a movie, song, or even local slang.It needs to be long and different in order to be noticed on the job boards. Mostad titles are too traditional, and don’t get the response of a great title.

Next, make sure that the copy focuses on what the person will do, learn, andbecome. Don’t emphasize the skills. Instead describe what the person will dowith the skills.

Here is an example of copy:

Use your analytical andreport writing skills to prepare in-depth price comparisons of our competitors’product line. You’ll become our ace detective and product expert in weeks. Ifyou’ve got a marketing bent all the better. You’ll need to figure out howweb positioning, product placement and pricing all affect the customerexperience. Before you know it you’ll be helping our marketing and designgroup to create award winning advertising programs that sizzle.

Add some fun stuff about the company and culture to round out the ad. Here’s an example:

We’re a hot local retailer that wants to grow its Internet business. Wehave a great reputation in our local market because we deliver price, value, andextra special performance. We’re moving our Internet business to the samelevel, so here’s a chance to help create something new, big and bold. We’lltrade off skills and experience with heart and desire. We long ago recognizedthis is how to build an all-star team. Send your resume to us. We’d like togive you a tryout.

If you want to attract the best, no matter what the job, it’s important todesign your advertising programs around their needs.

SOURCE: Lou Adler, president and CEO, POWER Hiring Inc., Tustin, California,Oct. 16, 2002.

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