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Your HR Career

Your HR Career

Quirky Co-Workers Outstanding or Just Odd?
You can choose your friends, but you can’t necessarily choose your colleagues. That leaves those who consider themselves normal sometimes having to witness unusual behavior ranging from odd-but-benign to outright gross.

HR’s New Strategic Role

If you’re interested in a career in the human resources field, you’re going to hear an awful lot of talk involving the word strategy and its variations.

Create the Future You Want
Six questions all HR professionals should ask themselves–and answer.

Diary of an HR Job Seeker
From the dreaded phone call to the interviews, from the waiting game to the resolution, a journey through the job-search process.

If You Could Begin Your Career Again, What’s the One Thing You Would Do Differently?
Workforce.com members pass on their wisdom.

What are the Competencies Needed for Next-Generation HR Professionals?
You’ll have to know how sales and marketing relate to manufacturing.

Dear Workforce: How Can I Re-Enter HR?
Your best bet might be landing a spot with either a very small company or a very large one.

HR Certification
Contact these organizations for certification in a wide array of HR fields.