Dear Workforce What Is the Optimal Way to Establish New Goals for Recruiters?

I want to revise the goals for our small team of recruiters. We don't do a lot of hiring, but when we do, we are very selective. How then should we be setting these new goals: based on quality of fill, time to hire or other metrics?

Dear Quality Not Quantity:

Because your recruiting team does infrequent, selective recruiting, my recommendation would be to have your team focus on constantly sourcing with the goal of building up a strong database of potential candidates.

If you follow this strategy, you could measure your team against suggested metrics:

The number of cold calls to potential candidates. Set a monthly goal that each recruiter will make a predetermined number of cold calls to potential candidates. This metric enables you to zero in on the team’s effort at building a deep pipeline of strong candidates.

The number of qualified and interested candidates developed. Set a monthly goal for each recruiter to come up with a certain number of interested candidates. This too contributes to a deeper pool of candidates.

The number of periodic calls to candidates. Another possible monthly goal for each recruiter, these follow-up calls should help to nurture interested candidates. The implication for your pipeline becomes obvious here.

Once a candidate is hired, how long does the candidate stay with the company? This metric is important for determining the quality of the people you hire.

Periodic calls to hiring managers to determine feedback the work performance of newly hired employees.

SOURCE: Mike Sweeny, MAS Recruiting, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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