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Dear Workforce Is There a Distinction Between HR Strategy and People Strategy Or Is It Merely Semantics?

Dear Just Semantics:

First we have to assume people can be thought of as “talent.” The question then becomes: “What is the difference between talent strategy and HR strategy?”

HR strategies focus on compensation, benefits, compliance and so on. HR strategies provide fair pay, insurance coverage, equal opportunities, and a safe and comfortable working environment.

Talent strategies focus on recruiting, selection, performance management, training and development, developing career paths, succession planning and the like.

Both strategies are designed to help the organization be more effective by safeguarding it and/or enhancing its capabilities. Both strategies are designed to serve an organization’s employees: its people or “talent.” Together, their business goals are to make an organization a desirable employer, to protect corporate assets and help it reach profitability goals.

Both are essential and need to be highly integrated. The combination of the two should be invisible to employees. They don’t need to know who is responsible for what. They just need to feel comfortable and secure in knowing that their needs are a concern of the organization, and that the organization is putting programs in place to take care of them.

SOURCE: Alan Landers, FirstStep Talent Management, Chula Vista, California

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