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SHRM-HRCI Dramedy Continues: ‘Glass’ Half-Full?

We’re pretty sure there aren’t any cursed tiki idols in this certification story line, but we’re pretty confident that there will be a lot of cursing.

In the spirit of cliffhangers, the SHRM-HRCI dramedy continues to pull in viewers much like “The Brady Bunch” did when the family visited Hawaii.

But there are definitely differences. For instance, we’re pretty sure there aren’t any cursed tiki idols in this certification story line, but we’re pretty confident that there will be a lot of cursing. We’re also pretty confident that, unlike the “Brady” episode, there won’t be any parties whenever the situation is resolved. 

In the latest episode, in a post released on Sept. 29 that was attributed to Hank Jackson, SHRM’s president and CEO announced that 1,700 people are signed up to take the pilot exams in October for the SHRM Certified Professional and SHRM Senior Certified Professional exam. This is the pretest to iron out any bugs for when the official exams, which are scheduled for May 2015, take place.

Jackson goes on to say that he and Bette Francis, SHRM’s board chair, were in Dallas last week to talk to SHRM members in the Lone Star State about the benefits of the competency-based certification, and that more than 60 such speaking engagements have and will take place across the country. Jackson also touted the positive feedback SHRM has received about the new certification, saying: “From Sacramento to Chicago to Maine and Kentucky, and all places in between — the responses have always been the same: ‘This is great! It’s exactly what the profession needs, and it’s exactly what my HR team and I need.’ ”

Hold the phone.

Perhaps we have a George Glass situation. "George," as you may recall was Jan's imaginary boyfriend on one episode. In terms of certification, there are certainly folks who don’t mind the competing HRCI and SHRM certifications, but how many exist? From what we've seen, there seems to be a lot of people who aren't too keen on the new certifications.

Where is all this passion for the new SHRM certification programs? Perhaps the squeaky wheels are just making all the noise to us, but the vast majority of HR professionals who have weighed in through blogs, emails and comments on stories have told us they aren’t ready to make a fan site for the SHRM certification anytime soon.

In a recent letter to the editor from a former HRCI board member and current SHRM member, Howard Winkler wrote that SHRM should let its members vote on the certification plan. Also, there’s a person or group called StopSHRM that has created an opinion poll about the new certifications. We’re not sure how the published comments are selected as only 35 of the purported 150 comments are listed, but those comments aren’t all “It’s a Sunshine Day” about the new certification.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program. We have a feeling there’s a lot more to come in this serial.