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2016 Game Changer: Catalina Andrade

The Retrofit Inc. director is serious about happiness.

If you’re happy and you know it, you might just be working with Catalina Andrade.

After all, Andrade, 33, is in the business of keeping people happy as chief hapWF_0815_GameChangerLogopiness director of wellness company Retrofit Inc. And, as Workforce has reported for years: A happy worker is often a productive worker.

To boost the level of delight in Retrofit’s workforce, Andrade, who seems like a good egg herself, has implemented Good Egg Days to allow workers to take time off from work to volunteer. She haWF_0816_GC_Catalina Andrade_Selfie 7s also gotten buy-in from the company’s CEO, Mary Pigatti, to allow workers to take days off for birthdays and during the holidays from Christmas to New Year’s.

Perhaps more importantly, she’s established a weekly employee review program to eliminate the much-maligned annual review as well as a 401(k) match program to help workers build up their retirement reserves.

Andrade “is candid, always innovating, driven to deliver, delighting our employees at every turn, and an all-around good egg,” said Pigatti in her recommendation letter.

Good egg confirmed.

James Tehrani is Workforce’s managing editor. Follow Tehrani on Twitter at @WorkforceJames.

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