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2016 Game Changer: Jonathan Flickinger

This law school graduate and human resources leader calls himself a 'mixed martial generalist.'

Jonathan Flickinger didn’t just get his foot in the door to begin his HR career — he kicked his way through it.

His educational background alone boasts a unique combination of experiences. He has a doctorate from Duquesne University School of Law and an advanced certificate in strategic human resources management from CorWF_0816_JonathanFlickingerSelfie04.jpgnell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

While attending Duquesne University School of Law, Flickinger also immersed himself in real-world work experiences, working as a law clerk at the largest law firm in Pittsburgh, at a boutique law firm and at the district attorney’s office in his county.

Besides his legal credentials, in 2012, Flickinger worked closely with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the kickboxing organization K-1 after joining StarPR Las Vegas.

Because of his widespread educational and work experience, Flickinger, 33, is a self-proclaimed “mixed martial generalist,” a title that seems to fit him perfectly.

Most recently Flickinger worked at Swanson Industries, a mining company based in Morgantown, West Virginia. There he updated and expanded the company’s out-of-date recruiting methods — which previously consisted of using newspaper advertisements only — and increased the company’s presence on online platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed. He then tackled Swanson Industries’ careers site, making it user-friendly and appealing to potential future employees.

Within his first year at Swanson Industries, Flickinger was promoted from human resources manager to director of human resources, accepting his new title and tackling the responsibilities that came along with it. He revamped the brand’s onboarding process, implemented cost-effective initiatives, worked on the shop floor to establish rejuvenated culture in the manufacturing atmosphere, created a stronger sales team, maintained a healthy relationship with its union workforce, and managed all social media accounts, among countless other responsibilities.

In taking on these tasks, Flickinger helped increase Swanson Industries’ applications by a reported 1,000 percent in the first month, was responsible for saving the company over $200,000 on recruiting platforms and successfully hired multiple passive candidates to fill important company positions.

But, as has been widely reported, times are tough for many mining companies. Flickinger said he was laid off from his job in May, but this Game Changer remains upbeat — and is currently looking for his next HR opportunity. (See “The Last Word”).

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