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2016 Game Changer: Tania DaSilva

The director of HR at Paradyme Management Inc. streamlined the benefits process and made it more accessible for employees.








Prior to hiring Tania DaSilva as director of human resources, data management consulting company Paradyme Management Inc. struggled with disjointedness. It had a slew of manual processes and disparate systems that operated as separate entities.

The company’s corporate support team, which is composed of departments such as accounting and finance, office management, quality and recruiting, found the setup especially challenging. Some improvements were needed, including a streamlining of processes.

DaSilva, 35, was quick to respond to the challenge in a number of ways. She linked Paradyme’s benefits to a single platform for employees to access easily. She worked to open up the channels of communication across units for employees to connect with each other seamlessly, which has continued to improve co-worker relationships. Additionally, she created a system to award points to employees for completing certain activities such as attending voluntary meetings. Employees could cash in these points for rewards such as a three-month gym membership or even a massage.

In uniting onceWF_0816_GC_Tania DaSilva_Selfie 5-disconnected departments and streamlining company processes, the contributions DaSilva continues to make at Paradyme are enhancing the company’s culture and improving employee engagement with each other and the organization.

“Tania is the next generation of Game Changer,” said Diana Hunter, Paradyme’s office manager, in her nomination letter, “because she isn’t worried about what has been done in the past. She is more concerned with what can be done in the future.”

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