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Some Workplace Haiku to Start Your Week

Feeling inspired? Then join in the fun!

Lately, the news has been so grim, with elections, and overtime rules, and data breaches, and federal agencies that over-step and over-reach. I figured, why not start the holiday week with some levity.WF_WebSite_BlogHeaders-11

Office thermostat
Why do you hate me so much?
I’m freakin’ freezing
My biggest weakness
Why would you even ask that?
Nobody’s perfect
Used corporate card
To buy beer and Pokémon
Does that count as fraud?
Tweeted those pictures
Interview begins at 2
Can I delete them?

Reading those inspired me to write a few of my own.

Workplace harassment
HR ignored her for months
We have to pay, big!
Email from PayPal
Time to update my account
What is ransomware?
HR’s big headache?
An hour here, hour there
Intermittent leave
Exempt / non-exempt?
We owe unpaid overtime
Class lawsuit; oh crap!
How about you? Share your own workplace haiku in the comments below, or on Twitter, with the hashtag #haikuatwork.
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