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2017 Game Changer: Christopher Willis

Energy, geotechnical construction, waterway development—Christopher Willis builds it all.

Christopher Willis is in the business of building things. His construction company, SDI Gas, serves such complex industries as energy, geotechnical construction, waterway development and civil engineering on a global scale.

Christopher Willis, Director, SDI-Gas

Christopher Willis, director of human resources and marketing, SDI Gas LLC, Mount Morris, Pennsylvania

Arguably his most profound construction project started in 2009 when, along with his supervisor, he began building a world-class HR function that touched on policy, strategy and development initiatives.

Seven years and about 1,500 additional employees later, Willis established the structural soundness of his HR department by cementing processes and procedures.

Willis, 34, has played a key role in SDI’s acquisitions and startup of new companies. He helped build the company’s HR and technology functions in Brazil, making sure that new employees’ culture was respected and allowed to flourish. His marketing efforts, which include SDI’s website design, social media campaigns, tradeshows, and oversite of recruitment are key elements of his role and his continued success.

Unlike an SDI Gas project, Willis’ work on building HR is a project that he’ll gladly never complete.

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