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2017 Game Changer: Kristin Hamblock

“We wanted to take a more global approach to employees managing their health,” says Hamblock, who's zealous about her people’s well-being.
Kristin Hamblock, Rosecrance

Kristin Hamblock, benefits and payroll manager, Rosecrance Health Network, Rockford, Illinois

For a century, nonprofit Rosecrance Health Network has been providing addiction and mental health treatment to people throughout the Midwest. Kristin Hamblock, meanwhile, has been committed to addressing and impacting the health and wellness of Rosecrance’s employees since 2010.

She entered the company, which operates currently in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa, to find a  bare-bones wellness program, something that only took into account self-reported tobacco use.

“We wanted to take a more global approach to employees managing their health,” said Hamblock, 31. The project to diversify the wellness program was near and dear to her, she said, because it was one of the first ones she’d worked on at the company. It’s been a source of dedication for her.

Since its inception, the wellness program has expanded. It’s won several awards from Rosecrance’s wellness vendor, Interactive Health. A Rosecrance employee committee drives participation throughout the year, and the company has seen health costs flatten out rather than rise, said Hamblock. Notably, last year the staff donated 100 units of blood in honor of Rosecrance’s 100th anniversary, she added.

Her passion for her people’s health and well-being is evident. HR can be hard to get behind if you don’t believe in the philosophy of the company, but Hamblock said she is proud of Rosecrance’s work in the community and of the relationships she’s created with her people.

“I like helping people and making connections, and [HR] is a really unique job where you get to network with everybody,” she said. People contact her about the good and the bad, and she thrives on having that relationship with them where they feel comfortable talking to her about anything. “It makes everything much easier for the staff and makes them feel at ease,” she said.

Even as the organization grows, she’s dedicated to trying to get to know every employee and letting them know that they have an HR contact who really cares.

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