Optimas Awards

Rochester Regional Health: Optimas Silver Winner for Recruiting

Rochester Regional Health partnered with Singola Consulting to expand their recruitment strategy and improve pre-employment screening and tests.

There are a lot of appointments to schedule at Rochester Regional Health, which encompasses five hospitals and more than 150 patient care sites.

Turnover among those who schedule appointments was around 34.5 percent in 2014, costing around half a million dollars in recruiting and lost productivity. Recruiting quality hires who would succeed in the role was crucial to the health care organization.

Rochester Regional Health partnered with Singola Consulting, which led the organization through an examination of its job descriptions, an expansion of its recruitment strategy and improvements to its pre-employment screening and testing.

These initiatives led to a 14 percent reduction in turnover, faster customer service and quicker onboarding.

For its efforts to improve its recruiting process, Rochester Regional Health is the 2017 Optimas Award Silver winner for recruiting.

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