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SDI Gas LLC: Optimas Gold Winner for Recruiting

Reaching potential hires isn't always the easiest but SDI Gas LLC succeeded when it came to recruiting new employees.

When hoping to grow the company’s workforce, SDI Gas LLC faced a unique challenge: Americans not seeking operations work. The company set out to share the benefits of working in construction.

Roundtable discussions with longtime employees and new hires helped the human resources team to develop a talent attraction strategy without the help of outside consultants. They dubbed the initiative R3, standing for recruit, retain and reactivate.

Creating websites and brochures and attending trade shows were the first steps to educating and reaching potential hires. This included four websites, which the team overhauled from clunky to streamlined and mobile-friendly. Simplification and easier-to-read content led to a reduction in time needed to learn about each company that falls under SDI — MEC Construction LLC, Mid Atlantic Fabrication LLC, North American Directional LLC — and speedier job application.

There was also a focus on company culture, emphasizing the overall business as “large enough to make a global impact, but small enough to be quick and nimble in many regards,” said Christopher Willis, director of human resources and marketing at SDI Gas. “Selling the benefits of being engaged in construction is a key element that we had to develop to gain an edge over other industries.”

Social media branding was the next step, which involved creating new profiles and overhauling existing ones through Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed’s employer profiles and Twitter. New posts highlighted company culture and unique projects in the works. Through posts to industry-specific groups on LinkedIn and at trade shows, recruiters interact with the next generation of engineering, construction and STEM talent.

“Our employer branding and engagement efforts spawned by our social media and marketing campaigns have led to an overwhelming response from industry professionals,” Willis said.

The results of new recruiting efforts are a two-fold increase in application intake. Professionals from household-name competitors have now joined SDI, coming on to work for an employee-centric and industry-passionate company. “We are happy to offer that opportunity, in more ways than one,” Willis said.

For its efforts to improve recruiting, SDI Gas LLC is the 2017 Optimas Award Gold winner for recruiting.

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