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2018 Workforce Game Changer: Tasha East

East has shaken up her corner of Fannie Mae since she started in 2016, and she hasn’t shied away from challenging leadership.
Tasha East, Director of Human Capital Planning, Fannie Mae

Tasha East, Director of Human Capital Planning, Fannie Mae

Every HR professional says they aim to innovate, but by working with Fannie Mae’s Operations and Technology division, Tasha East has proven her commitment to it.

Fred Parker, vice president for Human Capital Planning at Fannie Mae wrote in his Game Changers recommendation, “Tasha consistently operates with an eye toward innovation and process improvement.”

East, 36, is willing to go the extra mile for her projects. She has gone so far as to teach herself to code using Microsoft InfoPath so she could create a website for teams to share data more efficiently and to facilitate data collection. This allowed them to update a very manual and time consuming process, and created greater opportunity for collaboration and team problem solving around future state needs.

East has shaken up her corner of the company since she started in 2016. She hasn’t shied away from challenging leadership, and in doing so she has steered the team to think differently about reliance on third-party consultants and understanding how to evaluate what it takes to get the work of Operations and Technology done.

In 2017, Fannie Mae’s HR team began its journey to adopt lean management practices. The switch required a massive overhaul of leader behaviors, adoption of new tools, and big changes to the culture with a high potential for turmoil. But East has used this time to reinforce the mission of the company. Alan Susi, director of human capital planning, wrote: “Tasha has treated this opportunity as a true game-changing moment.”

— Mariel Tishma

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