About Us

Workforce is a multimedia publication that covers the intersection of people management and business strategy. Our content helps HR professionals approach their jobs from a more strategic, big-picture, business-results perspective.

Executive Team:

John Taggart, President

Kevin Simpson, Vice President, COO & CFO

Vince Czarnowski, Business Manager

Sales Team:

Cliff Capone, Vice President, Group Publisher

Kevin Fields, Director, Business Development, Events

Daniella Weinberg, Regional Sales Manager

Derek Graham, Regional Sales Manager

Brian Lorenz, Account Executive

Melanie Lee, Business Administration Manager

Nick Safir, Lead Generation Administrator

Editorial Team:

Mike Prokopeak, Vice President, Editor in Chief

Rick Bell, Editorial Director

Frank Kalman, Managing Editor

Lauren Dixon, Associate Editor

Ave Rio, Associate Editor

Andie Burjek, Associate Editor

Chris Magnus, Copy Editor

Theresa Stoodley, Editorial Graphic Designer

Andrew Lewis, Video & Multimedia Producer

Events Team:

Trey Smith, Vice President, Events

Alec O’Dell, Webcast Coordinator

Anthony Zepeda, Events Marketing Manager

Latonya Harris, Events Graphic Designer

Research Team:

Sarah Kimmel, Vice President, Research

Tim Harnett, Research Manager

Grey Litaker, Research Manager

Kristen Britt, Research Assistant

Digital and Production Team:

Ashley Flora, Media & Production Manager

Lauren Lynch, Digital Manager

Mannat Mahtani, Digital Coordinator

Nina Howard, Production Coordinator