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0207 Success Stories - Teaming Up for Successful Solutions

July 15, 2002
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Unless you’re a solitary HR genius, chances are that you confront challenges and solve problems as part of a team. Whether the issue is recruiting, corralling employee information, filling short-term workforce needs, or completing a fast and accurate background check, you might need some assistance in figuring out which solution is best for your organization.

    Finding the right company to help you isn’t always easy. But when you do find the right match, the outcomes can be transformative. Systems run more smoothly. Employees are happier. You’re less stressed. That’s what happens when partnerships reallyclick -- you get a success story. 

    On the following pages, you’ll read about organizations from restaurants to a regional organ bank to an Olympic organizing committee that are writing great success storiestogether -- every working day.

Workforce, July 2002, pp. 53-68 -- Subscribe Now!

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