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Dear Workforce Where Do I Report New Hires?

You can probably send it to one state if you're a multi-state employer.
April 26, 2000
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Dear Workforce:
We have employees in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Is there a system in place to report all of these employees to Ohio, for instance, which is where our corporate office is located?
-- Tri-state employer

Dear Tri-State:

Under the federal new hire reporting mandate, any employer that qualifies as a "multistate" employer has the option of selecting one state to report all new hires nationwide, as long as 1) the employer notifies the federal Department of Health and Human Services as to which state the employer had designated; 2) the new hire information is reported electronically; and 3) the designated state is willing to and capable of accepting such electronic transmissions.
The states you listed support this reporting option, and you can get further details by calling the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) employer information line (202-401-9267) or visiting the OCSE Web site (
Some companies manage compliance risks through HR solutions for automating
and tracking the process of new hire reporting. This helps ensure compliance.
SOURCES: Ceridian Employer Services, Minneapolis, February 8, 2000. The Equal Opportunity Advisory Council, October 1998.
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