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Dear Workforce How Many Days Off Do People Give?

Some numbers for companies of different sizes.
May 9, 2000
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Dear Workforce:
How many days off do companies give on average?
-- Scheduling in Florida

A Dear Scheduling:

That depends: Does it count as a day off if you check e-mail, voice mail, or send a fax from your laptop on the beach?
Oh, really, it depends on the company size. Here are some numbers for medium to large companies (100 or more employees), state and local governments, and small companies (less than 100).
Paid holidays

Medium/large companies
  State and local governments
  Small companies
Paid vacation days

Medium/large companies
State and local governments
Small companies
At one year of tenure: 9.6
At one year of tenure: 12.3
At one year of tenure: 7.8
At five years of tenure: 13.9
At five years of tenure: 15.3
At five years of tenure: 11.5
At 20 years of tenure: 20.4
At 20 years of tenure: 21.9
At 20 years of tenure: 14.8
In addition, 22% of employees in medium/large companies receive paid personal leave; 80% paid funeral leave; 85% paid jury duty leave; 44% paid military leave, and 2% paid family leave. Of course, as you know from this site, some companies (like Patagonia) provide other leave, tailored to employee interests and needs.
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SOURCE: Employee Benefit Research Institute, Washington, D.C. and U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C. From 1994 and 1995.
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