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Houston Homebuilder Follows Through on $4 Million Worth of Rewards

February 12, 2004
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It was five years ago that David Weekley, chairman and CEO of the homebuilding company that bears his name, told his approximately 1,000 employees that he'd give everyone a trip to Hawaii if sales doubled and customer service improved by 2003.
According to the Houston Chronicle, it's going to happen. Sales are almost double what they were five years ago, and customer satisfaction is at 95 percent.  Employees who were hired before July 1, 2003 are eligible for the trips. All told, it will cost Weekley about $4 million.
Weekley says the company's success goes beyond what could be explained merely by low interest rates and a good housing market.
Employees' trips will be staggered so that not everyone's gone at once. They'll also be asked to attend some short team-building games, but they can spend most of their vacation time as they wish, the Chronicle reports.
Although incentives for sales people are the norm, it's very unusual for a company to offer such rewards to every employee of a firm.
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