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Insurer Partners With Google on Health Records

June 16, 2008
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Google Inc. and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will partner to allow plan members to create online personal health records with Google Health, the insurer said.

Under the partnership, the Boston-based health insurer’s members will be able to download their claims data into a personal health record hosted by Google Health. Users will be able to organize, store and manage their medical records, personal health information and Blue Cross claims data; download their prescription histories and medical records from other connected providers such as Deerfield, Illinois-based Walgreen Co. and Minneapolis-based Minute Clinic; and share their medical information with providers, among other things.

Both Walgreens and Minute Clinic have agreed to share information with Google Health.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is the first insurer to agree to integrate its data with Google Health, which launched last month. Signing up for a Google Health account is voluntary, and any consumer—not just Blue Cross members—can obtain an account.

On Monday, June 9, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp. announced its partnership with Oakland, California-based health insurer Kaiser Permanente for the two companies to link their separate personal health record platforms in the hope of increasing their functionality and accessibility.

Microsoft’s HealthVault is not yet available for consumer use.

Filed by Kristin Gunderson Hunt of Business Insurance, a sister publication of Workforce Management. To comment, e-mail
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