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12 Key Traits of Successful People

April 5, 1999
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Do you want to be a "success"? According to Doris Lee McCoy, Ph.D., Author of Mega Traits, successful people have these traits in common.

  • They enjoy their work.

  • The have a positive attitude and plenty of confidence.

  • They use negative experiences to discover their strengths.

  • They’re decisive, disciplined goal setters.

  • They have integrity and help others succeed.

  • They’re persistent.

  • They take risks.

  • They’ve developed good communication skills and problem-solving skills.

  • They surround themselves with competent, responsible and supportive people.

  • They’re healthy, have high energy levels, and schedule time to renew themselves.

  • They believe in a higher power, or, sometimes, just plain luck.

  • They have a sense of purpose and a desire to contribute to society.
SOURCE: Doris Lee McCoy, Ph.D., Author of Mega Traits
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