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June 7, 2010
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Diluted Diversity
by Fay Hansen
 While racial discrimination still rages in the workplace, diversity management floats above the fray, isolated from concerns about compliance and the need for better metrics.


Special Report on HR Technology: In SaaS Battle, Customers Win
by Ed Frauenheim

 Options abound for employers as vendors seek to carve out new pieces of the "software as a service" market for HR technology.


The Last Word
Road Rules for Leaders
Monica Moses
Uncovering HR 'Lies'
From our readers

  Exit Data's Role in Retention
Well-designed worker exit surveys can help employers learn why people jump ship, and boost retention; Performance Pay a Challenge in Academia; More Workers Checking In on Pension Plans; SHRM Seeks to Put HR Into C-Suite, Policy Conversations; Shareholders Demand Better Window Into CEO Succession. Legal Briefings: Employees and E-Mail Privacy Rights; Agency's Refusal to Refer Muslim for Job. 5 Questions: The Hive Mind at Work. The Hot List:
E-Recruiting Software Providers. Data Bank: Skewed Diversity


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