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Workforce Management February 16, 2009

February 17, 2009
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Auto Engineers Give Health Care Key to Efficiency
by Jeremy Smerd
Lean manufacturing techniques are being adapted for the medical field in a bid to get rid of expensive inefficiencies and provide a higher level of health care.


Worries Among the Workforce
by Fay Hansen

Firms with pension plans foresee billions in extra funding; employers with 401(k)s must deal with retirement-age workers who have little choice but to stay on.


Government Job a Cool Gig Again
by Mark Schoeff Jr.

President Obama’s call to civil service has resonated widely, but the new administration faces the same recruiting and retention challenges that plagued others.


Caution Amid the Credit Crunch
Stories by Fay Hansen

As the recession deepens, employers including credit and criminal record checks in their screening should tread carefully to avoid legal trouble.

The Last Word
Lessons from Flight 1549
John Hollon
No way to form a union
From our readers

 First in Line For Layoffs
Job cuts intensify attacks on H-1B visas and raise debate on whether guest workers should be let go before Americans. Training Beat Back by Economy: The recession has led to cutbacks in employee-development spending. Stimulus Plan a Lingering Issue: It's pitched as a short-term fix, but employers may feel a pinch for years. An HRO Rebound: Recent deal between Kraft and IBM may be a sign of more ahead. 5 Questions: Cutting with kindness. Legal Briefing:  Anti-retaliation; NLRA. The Hot List: Background screening providers. Data Bank: HR in the downturn.

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November 17,  2008
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