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Workforce Management March 3, 2008

March 4, 2008
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Making the Grade in Topgrading
by Michelle V. Raftor
Taking it from the top. That’s the only place to acquire talent, according to Brad Smart. But topgrading, the author and consultant’s hiring method that emphasizes loading the workforce with "A" players, is not without its detractors.

Commuters Take it to the Extreme
by Gina Ruiz
There’s a new breedof executive who, in some cases, would rather cross time zones to get to the office than pull up stakes and relocate. The battle for top-notch talent is making more employers open to such arrangements.

Digging Deeper for Information
By Matthew J. Heller
Many employersare going well beyond the typical criminal record check in screening new job candidates—looking into civil records like lawsuits and even divorce filings. But experts say the information needs to be handled with extreme sensitivity. .

The Last Word
Millennials at the gate
John Hollon
 In the Mail
Shape up, SHRM
From our readers

 Monster Touts Security Upgrade
After a data breach last year, the online job board tightens its safeguards. Move Afoot For More Vets: The U.S. food supply could be in peril as new veterianarians go urban. Add, Subtract: Workstream gains a merger parner but loses a member of the board. .5 Questions: Standing up to high exec pay. Legal Briefings: Retaliation; ADA issues. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List:  HR consultants. Data Bank: Concern in the C-suite.

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