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Workforce Management March 17, 2008

March 18, 2008
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Complete Recovery for Crouse
by Patrick J. Kiger
In emerging from bankruptcy, Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York, used its reorganization not only to fix its financial morass, but also to call on employees at all levels to help reinvent its culture.

Strengthening Those Around You
by Dave Ulrich
You can’t walk into a conference these days without bumping into a speaker who is trumpeting the value of building on your strengths. It’s easy to understand why this message resonates. But building only on your strengths is not enough if those strengths do not create value for those you lead.

A Lofty Ideal With Few Results
By Fay Hansen
The business case for human resources outsourcing remains strong, but doubts are beginning to creep in about the ability of any single supplier to manage the giant end-to-end HRO deals.

The Last Word
Disconnected HR
Dr. John Sullivan
 In the Mail
Judging jargon
From our readers

 No Esprit de Corps?
A costly scandal at a French bank raises the question: Why didn't workers report suspicious activity? Poor engagement may be to blame. Doubts Bbout Mega-HRO Deals: Wachovia's decision to reduce Hewitt pack reveals more flaws in the system. Public Health Being Hit Hard: Workers not drawn to aid agencies despite an epidemic of concern. Empty Seats: National Labor Relations Board's work stymied by a lack of appointees. Legal Briefings: E-mail solicitation; racial abuse. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List:  Large-market HRO providers. Data Bank: Losing control over who goes.

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