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Workforce Management November 3, 2008

November 4, 2008
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The Golden Years Tarnish as Plans to Retire Fade
Stories by Jessica Marquez
Traditional retirement at age 65 is looking less and less attainable to many workers in the middle of their careers. But some employers are enhancing their 401(k) plans to help get employee savings back on track. Yet companies also are on alert and beefing up their performance management systems to help ensure that they don’t wind up with ranks of disengaged hangers-on who are bent on working well past 65 and will do just enough without getting fired to draw a paycheck.


Merit Pay Not Always the Best Employer Payoff
Stories by Fay Hansen

Merit pay is seen as the nearly universal method for distributing wage and salary raises across the United States and, increasingly, around the world. Yet there is plenty of evidence that reveals the assumptions underlying individual performance-based pay programs are incorrect. The real question confronting HR executives and compensation directors from the decades of research is not whether companies should be spending more for performance pay programs, but whether they should be spending less.

The Last Word
Comp collapse
Dr. John Sullivan
From our readers

 Medicare: No To Medical Mistakes
Retire 401(K) System?: No say experts at conference on DC plans, reform is urged instead. DHS Issues Final 'No-Match' Rule: Employers would have 93 days to clear up a mismatch or fire the worker. Caging the Rate and Making Nice: Unions say they'll take a business-friendly approach with employers. Pension Pain: 100 percent funding rules run headlong into a weakened economy. 5 Questions: High exec pay is here to stay. Legal Briefings: NLRB memo; health care law. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List:  Background-screening providers. Data Bank: Wicked tail of the crisis.

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