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TOOL Helping Employees Live Healthfully

December 2, 2008
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Do you need some ideas on how to inspire your workforce to live more healthfully? If so, the Wellness Council of America might be a valuable resource. WELCOA offers several tools, including "101 Ways to Wellness," which can help shape workplace wellness programs. The Omaha, Nebraska-based council offers suggestions covering several areas. Here are just some of them, which come with the facts, the figures and the reasons behind them

  • Encourage employees to eat breakfast

  • Inform employees of the high-fat lunch.

  • Provide cholesterol screenings.

  • Identify healthy eateries in close proximity to your workplace.

  • Host a massage-a-thon.

  • Make time for leisure.

  • Host a conflict resolution course or brown bag.

  • Prevent family violence.

  • Produce streaming health videos.

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