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Workforce Management June 11, 2007

June 11, 2007
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Doctor’s Error, Your Expense
by Jeremy Smerd
Preventable medical errors cost employers billions of dollars a year. Now, some firms are standing up to the medical establishment, saying they’ll refuse to pay for botched treatment and demanding higher standards of care and patient safety. But changing the system won’t be easy. These “never events” often are not reported to an outside agency. Although one federal act helped set up organizations to collect data on medical errors, it made reporting of such events voluntary. Some say employers’ political muscle could be applied to make reporting mandatory.

A Higher Standard for Managers
Stories by Gary Kranz
Spending on managerial training initiatives is soaring as employers wake up to profound skills gaps. They are now demanding managers with strategic vision, global business acumen and an ability to nurture their employees. Training, not poaching from other companies, is the key. Competitors are short of top-notch managers, too.

The Last Word
HR 'hate' endures
John Hollon
  In the Mail
Misguided take on tragedy
From our readers

Facing Bombs and Bombshells
Hyderabad, one of India's outsourcing centers, is weathering threats. Pay Ruling Spurs New Legislation: Democrats seek to overturn the high court's discrimination decision. Pension Tune-Up: Changes were part of the Iraq war funding bill. More might be in store.  5 Questions: Dim views of HR. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Training companies. Data Bank: Organizing China.

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