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Workforce Management June 25, 2007

June 25, 2007
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How To Create the Next A-Team
Stories by Patrick J. Kiger
For the next generation of HR chiefs to become the strategic players their companies need, they should be ready for years of mentoring, high-level training, stretch assignments and stints overseas. And some won’t come from HR.

Kindness Pays ... or Does it?
by Jessica Marquez
A school of management thought holds that creating a positive corporate culture boosts business performance. But even many proponents of this philosophy admit they can’t make a direct financial link.

Has HR Found its Rightful Place?
by Dave Ulrich
As kids say, “Are we there yet?” Not quite, says this noted author. But good HR practices can create value and prove that HR is worthy of that seat at the table. Ulrich’s articles will appear quarterly in Workforce Management.

The Last Word
College refresher
Dr. John Hollon Sullivan
 In the Mail
The ADA and screening
From our readers

 Health Reform on '09 Agenda
The ERISA Industry Committee sees little hope of change before then. A Bad Reaction to Moore's Film: Even before the movie opened, employer groups were lashing back at Sicko. Weight Watch: It's unlikely that obese workers will be charged more for health care.  5 Questions: Job market, recruiting trends. Legal Briefings: Time off; unpaid wages. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Executive Search Firms. Data Bank: The hype on job growth.

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