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Workforce Management August 20, 2007

August 20, 2007
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Global Workforce Report: India
In search of a true partnership
stories by Jeremy Smerd
As India’s outsourcing industry moves into performing higher-level work, companies there confront formidable workforce challenges and wage a battle of hearts and minds to convince their overseas clients that they can be critical business partners. 

A Labor Law That Cuts Both Ways
by Ed Frauenheim
China’s new employment contract law goes into effect in January and has significant benefits for employers as well as workers and unions. It may finally bring uniform labor practices to the nation’s still-booming economy. 

Special Report: Retirement Benefits
Sorting Out the Default Dilemma
by Jessica Marquez
A year after pension reform eased concerns about automatically enrolling workers in 401(k)s, employers are still grappling with which investment options to use in their plans. This report sorts out the positives and negatives of the Labor Department’s qualified alternatives, as well as stable-value funds. 

The Last Word
Silencing the alarmists
John Hollon
 In the Mail
Losing the applicant trail
From our readers

 DHS Rule Rankles Employer Groups
Companies say the verification crackdown will disrupt the labor market and snare legal workers. Goodbye, Big Rat; Hello, Greedy Pig: Labor has found a new mascot to draw attention to nonunion work sites. Keeping Tabs on State Retirees: A database will help track former state workers who want part-time jobs. Fee Scrutiny: Legislators and the DOL are considering more 401(k) fee disclosure.  5 Questions: What is RPO, exactly? Legal Briefings: Criminals; commissions. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: 401(k) plan administrators; Payroll providers. Data Bank: Packing bags for better pay.

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