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Workforce Management October 8, 2007

October 8, 2007
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Leaping in with Market Giants
by Ed Frauenheim
One software company thinks it has all the necessary tools to compete in the large-employer market with industry giants Oracle and SAP. Whether this is merely a pipe dream remains to be seen. But the human resources technology industry is more wide open than ever before for aspiring companies such as St. Paul, Minnesota-based Lawson.

HCM Software Not Yet Up To Snuff
Stories by Ed Frauenheim
As companies become smarter about how they use the tools included in the software they purchase—and vendors learn how to better integrate the applications crucial to human resource departments’ needs—’human capital management’ products are edging closer to becoming everyday business essentials. The products are also contributing a lucrative revenue stream to a growing number of HR tech companies.

The Last Word
Striking out of desperation
John Hollon
 In the Mail
Talking about flextime
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 Pushing to Be the Next India
The Philippines is letting the world know it's ready to do business. A Visual Lure for Job Seekers: Employers begin dabbling with video to entice candidates. Dossia Restart: Legal tangles put a damper on the year-old health record initiative. Legal Briefings: Fragrances; reassignments. 5 Questions: Mixing family and business. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: HRMS providers. Data Bank: $100 billion scream.

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