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Workforce Management Feb. 27, 2006

February 27, 2006
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The Power of the Individual
By Patrick J. Kiger
W. L. Gore believes its egalitarian philosophy fuels innovation. But as the company grows, can it maintain that ideal?

Special Report: Recruitment & Staffing
By John Zappe
As they begin to feel the talent pinch, employers can’t just wait for résumés. They must actively source and grab top candidates. Or someone else will.

The Last Word
Innovation 101
Amgen’s 10 steps for fast-forward firms.
  In the Mail
The Euro-drain
Readers comment on talent migrations and guns at work.

A Bill to Expand Faith at Work
The measure would make it harder for companies to claim hardship. Talent Battle: Indian firms tap benefits and brand recognition to keep young employees. Job Boards Band Together: A new trade group seeks a stronger industry voice in Washington. Data Bank:  Little funding for workforce development. Hot List: Applicant Tracking System Software Providers. And more.
Global Workforce
Continental's global reach
A Web-enabled and paperless system, coupled with a centralized approach, allows a lean staff to quickly and cost-effectively hire for locations worldwide.

Language as a two-way street
While English is the language of business for many firms, some find that getting employees to learn Spanish can build bridges to both line workers and customers.

Disaster Recovery
Jobs go begging after Katrina
Many companies are offering hiring bonuses, flexible hours and housing assistance. Despite those lures, the competition for hourly workers is fierce.

Career Fairs are back in vogue
In an Internet age, they might sound quaint, but fairs are a low-cost way to hire quickly and fill job pipelines. Companies also use them to build their employment brand.


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