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Snapshot of the Management-training Industry

June 6, 2005
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In the fragmented $100 billion industry of management training, the Blanchard business continues to grow in the midsize niche shared by competitors such as Development Dimensions International and the Center for Creative Leadership.
The Gallup Organization
Employees: 2,050 Annual sales (2003): $200 million
American Management Association
Employees: 700 Annual sales (2003): $129 million
Development Dimensions International
Employees: 1,000 Annual sales (2002): $100 million
Hay Group
Employees: 2,110 Annual sales (2003): $72 million
Center for Creative Leadership
Employees: 500 Annual sales: $61 million
The Ken Blanchard COS.
Employees: 260 Annual sales (2004): $44 million
WJM Associates  
Employees: 100 Annual sales (2004): $5 million
Interaction Associates
Employees: 60 Annual sales: $4.3 million
Sources: Hoover’s, Center for Creative Leadership, Development Dimensions International, Ken Blanchard Cos.
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