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Minimizing Expatriate Turnover

August 13, 2004
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T he chart below rates the effectiveness of different ways to reduce expatriate turnover, from high, medium to low effectiveness. The results are consistent with many past surveys, according to GMAC Relocation Services.

    Survey respondents included both small and large organizations; for 79 percent of the respondents, the company headquarters was in the United States. In most cases, respondents were senior human resource professionals and/or managers of international relocation programs.

    The chart is fromGMAC Relocation Services,National Foreign Trade Council and the SHRM Global Forum.

Methods of Reducing Expatriate Turnover

  High Medium Low
Chance to use experience    62%    32%    6%
Recognition 60 34 6
Position choices upon return 59 33 8
Repatriation career  support 31 52 17
Response to security issues 26 51 23
Improve performance evaluation 25 51 24
Family repatriation support 22 48 30
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