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December 8, 2004
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Leadership through example. That's what the following companies offer as a primer to world-class business organizations looking to use product and service vendors to make a measurable impact on their companies' bottom lines.

In the following pages, you'll learn how top-tier organizations found winning solutions to confront and solve a variety of real-world business issues. These businesses faced unique challenges, researched countless solutions, devised strategies and implemented change to better the organization as a whole. And they used a total enterprise, strategic approach to workforce management issues to accomplish their objectives.

All of these firms share a common foundation—the ability to identify vendor partners that understand there's more to business success than cookie-cutter answers. Solution-driven partnerships can drive quantifiable results through the engine of workforce management. Read on to learn how similar partnerships can work for you.

  Selection Tool Serves up Recipe for Success

  Mosaic Achieves Nearly $8 Million In Value Creation With Taleo Throughout Its Canadian Operations

  Thomson Prometric Meets Global Training Challenge

  A PBM Relationship Built on Trust

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