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Product Showcase Recruitment and Staffing

February 7, 2003
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In the late 90's, the focus of recruitment and staffing was how to sift through the thousands of applicants to find the right candidate for the job. Now, in a down economy, the resumes still trickle in and the same issues need to be addressed.

What is the most efficient and effective way to find the right applicant for an open position? The companies below can help answer this question.

Peopleclick Inc.
Pearson Reid London House 

Peopleclick Inc.

Peopleclick Inc.
2 Hannover Square, Suite 700
Raleigh, NC 27601.
T: (877) 820-4400
F: (919) 645-2801

Peopleclick provides enterprise workforce management solutions to help companies build and manage a productive and diverse workforce. Our Vendor Management, Affirmative Action Planning, and Recruitment Management solutions service more than 1,600 global customers, including 52 of the Fortune 100, in 38 countries.

Save Time with Peopleclick

Searching for Candidates: Get real results with Boolean ("this" AND "that") keyword and advanced searching. Save your searches and set times for them to run automatically for easy pre-screening.

Communicating with Candidates: Your career site lets them register, search for jobs, receive automatic emails with position listings, submit up to 5 different resumes, and check the status of their application online.

Managing Your Workflow: We match your business process-you have complete flexibility. Quickly change the way you view your workflow-by requisition or by where candidates are in each stage of the overall hiring process.

 Posting to Job Boards: Post real-time. Verify your live listings with a direct link to your posting. Easily track and report on all your listings.

 Managing Resumes: Mail, fax, email, attachments and direct entry- we input, store and search on it all. Each candidate can manage 5 different resumes

click XG--Recruitment Management

Our recruitment management system streamlines and reports on the entire hiring process-from requisition to hire. With Peopleclick, you can manage approvals, track real-time job postings, automate active and passive candidate searches, and qualify and screen candidates online. Also, Peopleclick manages your candidate profiles, allowing hiring managers and candidates to monitor hiring process status online.

Secure better hires and process more candidates accurately and efficiently. Use fewer resources and much less time. Easily measure and report on your entire hiring process.

Find out more about how Peopleclick can save you time and money. Check out our Recruitment ROI calculator at where you can measure the success of your recruitment programs-- contingent and full-time.

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Recruitsoft, Inc.

Recruitsoft, Inc.
182 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
T: (415) 538-9068 / (888) 836-3669
F: (415)583-9069

Recruitsoft's mission is to help our clients gain greater return on human capital assets by implementing processes and software to most effectively assign people to talent demand, globally. Success in doing so helps our client companies further differentiate themselves through staffing and most optimally deploying the best and brightest people in their respective industries.

Enterprise Staffing Management Solution
    Recruitsoft powers enterprise staffing by delivering the most complete online staffing management solution to more than 100 G1000 companies. Recruitsoft features the first enterprise-wide staffing workflow platform with flexible configuration for multinational organizations-enabling the configuration of workflow processes from macro factors such as country, region, company and division, to micro factors such as individual job type. Recruitsoft provides a complete solution for staffing management, including the software, services, and computing infrastructure to enable HR departments to rapidly improve staffing processes. Additionally, the solution also offers seamless integration with existing Human Resource ERP Applications such as SAP and PeopleSoft. Recruitsoft is an SAP Certified Software Partner.

Reliable Technology
    Recruitsoft's technology platform has been developed to be reliable and to ensure performance and scalability while also maintaining data security and integrity. The Company provides the highest availability of service to clients through redundant Web application and database servers, which sit directly on the Internet backbones of Internap Network Services. Recruitsoft also maintains a second, cold site for disaster recovery at WorldCom's UUNET. Recruitsoft offers "24x7" technical support by phone, email or the Web, in multiple languages. Moreover, as a contributing member of the HR-XML Consortium, Recruitsoft adheres to XML standards.

Global Capabilities
    From the technology infrastructure, application software, consulting and support services perspectives, Recruitsoft offers global organizations a complete solution with content and expertise that are unique in the Staffing Management Solutions industry today. Recruitsoft powers enterprise-wide staffing management for leading companies across many industries including Hewlett-Packard, Dow Chemical, The Gillette Company, Hyatt Hotels, Air Canada, Bank of Montreal, Deloitte & Touche, Canadian Tire, TELUS, Bombardier, MetLife and UnitedHealth Group. Recruitsoft is at work for more than 100,000 users in more than 60 countries worldwide. 

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Pearson Reid London House

Pearson Reid London House
1 N. Dearborn Street, suite 1600
Chicago, Il 60602
T: (800) 922-7343

LH STEP™--Version SQ

For Sales Excellence
In sales, first impressions are important . . . but there is so much more to sales success.

  • Engaging prospects with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Uncovering needs
  • Evaluating problems and objections
  • Creating and presenting solutions
  • Persuading and gaining buy-in

Business success starts here.
    Business success depends on placing qualified candidates in your sales positions. A quality sales organization can also result in greater client satisfaction. Using the LH-STEP™ SQ to screen sales candidates will help you identify those candidates most likely to succeed in your sales positions.

Years of validation research.
    The LH-STEP™  SQ provides valuable insight into the attributes and potential of candidates for sales positions. Derived from the renowned London House System for Testing and Evaluation for Potential™, which has over three decades of research, this assessment may be used for selection, development, placement and promotion.

Easy to use.
    The LH-STEP™ SQ assessment is designed for use with Quanta™ software for administration and scoring, which provide on-demand reporting. Internet administration with reports returned by email is also available.

An easy to understand report includes a profile of the candidate's scores on the LH-STEP™ Version SQ scales, which can be further interpreted using the narrative guidelines provided in the Administrator's Guide.


  • Number of Items: 364 (6 subtests)
  • Time to Complete: 60-90 minutes
  • Administration: Via Quanta software, Paper and Internet
  • Format: Varied
  • Other: Reading Level 10th grade 
  • Scoring Options: Quanta software, Opscan with Quanta software, Internet transmission to RLH for scoring and email report return

For more information on the LH-STEP™ SQ assessment visit  To speak with a sales representative or to order, call 800-922-7343.

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