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i Product Showcase-I E-Learning

April 9, 2003
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TEDS explores how tailored e-learning management programs can be used to create an enterprise-wide learning community for your organization. 


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TEDS—Experienced in e-Learning

Where does your company stand with e-Learning?

Perhaps e-Learning remains your preferred delivery tool, or maybe it provides only one of several learning solutions. TEDS, a global leader in learning management and human capital development, has supported e-Learning for well over a decade. In fact, we’ve been in the learning management business longer than anyone! Because of our unbeatable experience, TEDS has successfully deployed e-Learning in a wide range of human capital environments.

Learning On Demand™, one of the modules in the TEDS Learning Management System, distributes learning throughout an organization by providing employees and other learners flexible, easy access to learning events and development tools. Whether your learners are at multiple sites or in different countries, on the job or on their own, TEDS empowers self-management of individual training and personal development.

With Learning On Demand™, employees can:

• View their To Do List

• Review available and assigned courses

• Enroll in a course session

• Withdraw from or switch sessions

• Request additional course sessions

• Receive automatic waiting list assignment

• Reserve learning facilities

• Complete online courses and tests

• View personal training history transcript

• View external course history

• Complete online surveys

• Manage curriculum assignments

• Request tuition aid

• Manage goal and development plans

And, TEDS manages all learning and all learning delivery systems, not just e-Learning! Despite its numerous features, TEDS remains simple to use and easy to administer.

With TEDS Learning Management System, customers can take control of learning, performance, competencies, and certifications to create an enterprise learning community of employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and anyone else the company wishes to bring into its learning distribution. Partner this with the TEDS Human Capital Development Tool, JobVision™--a tool that manages electronic résumés, internal and external job postings, performance evaluations, candidate identification and tracking, and more--and you have a total People Resource Planning Solution™!

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