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February 27, 2002
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Each a respected member of the HR field, the following companies are helping us answer your questions:

Deloitte & Touche
Deloitte & Touche International Assignment Services consists of a global network of human resources, tax and technology professionals to help companies develop, manage and administer cost-effective international assignment programs.
International Human Resources includes experienced consultants that provide assistance in policy design and best practices for human resources issues related to selection, relocation, pay and administration of internationally mobile employees.
Deloitte & Touche’s Visa & Migration Services features specialists in more than 45 countries who can facilitate the movement of individuals in and out of various locations, in compliance with local regulations.
Deloitte & Touche GlobalAdvantage, a client/server software, is used to attend to the complex details of maintaining and managing an international assignment program.
Deloitte & Touche and West Group have developed IHRadvisor, an Internet-based subscription service that gives access to a database of international assignment-related information.
The Human Capital practice assists clients in virtually all aspects of attracting, retaining, motivating, developing, compensating, organizing, and benefiting people, and consults to businesses and industries that provide and insure employee benefits. Human resource, actuarial, insurance, and managed care consultants identify, manage, and measure the human capital issues that can impact financial performance.
For more information, contact Laura Gourlay at
The Dear Workforce Experts
DBM (formerly Drake Beam Morin), is the world's leading provider of strategic human resource solutions that help organizations align their workforces to meet changing business needs. Known for over 35 years for its innovative and effective career transition services, DBM offers in-depth capabilities in employee transition, retention, development, and selection. Founded in 1967, the company has more than 200 locations in 45 countries.
DBM is part of the Thomson Learning division of The Thomson Corporation, a $7.2 billion leading provider of integrated information to business and professional markets worldwide. With operations in 50 countries, Thomson holds lead positions in the legal and regulatory, financial, learning, and scientific and healthcare information sectors.
For more information on DBM services, visit or contact Nicci Rinaldi at
The Dear Workforce Experts
The Herman Group
The Herman Group is a firm of Certified Management Consultants with expertise in workforce and workplace issues.
A significant portion of their work is focused on the study of relevant trends and their potential implications on the world of employment.
They advise their clients on related strategic issues and particularly encourage employers to reduce employee turnover as a strategic design. They advocate high attention and action toward employee retention.
Formed in 1980, the firm serves clients through speeches, seminars, executive briefings, consulting, writing, and sharing expertise through a variety of media. Principals of the firm are CEO Roger E. Herman, CSP, CMC and his wife, Joyce, who serves as President.
Each associate of the firm brings specific expertise in one or more areas of future studies or workforce stability. The Herman Group was founded in Ohio, and has been based in Greensboro, North Carolina, since 1996. Roger is the author of Keeping Good People, Lean & Meaningful, and How to Become an Employer of Choice.
To contact The Herman Group, visit, call (336) 282-9370 or e-mail
The Dear Workforce Experts
Personnel Decisions International
Personnel Decisions International (PDI) is a global consulting firm specializing in human resources strategy.
PDI helps companies define, measure and develop the behaviors and capabilities needed for success.
PDI offers a range of services and products designed for individuals, teams and organizations. The company has offices around the globe to help clients meet their human resources needs on a local level.
PDI’s offerings are based on research in the discipline of organizational psychology. The company boasts more than 450 consultants with master’s degrees or higher. About 150 consultants have Ph.Ds specializing in the psychology of work.
PDI helps companies develop people strategeis that will help them achieve their business strategies; select employees around the world; assess managers and executives; provide multi-rater feedback to over 50,000 leaders, and deliver services and products in 18 languages across more than 30 countries.
To contact PDI, visit, call 800/633.4410, 612/904.7170, or e-mail
The Dear Workforce Experts
Buck Consultants
Buck Consultants, founded in 1916, provides a range of human resources consulting services to organizations worldwide. The New York City-based firm specializes in the strategy, process, systems and finance of human resources. The company serves about 5,000 clients and maintains more than 50 offices in 16 countries. Its customized consulting services help ensure the health and welfare of an estimated 10 million active and retired employees.
The company’s mission is to help companies by offering a blend of personal qualities, technical resources and professional expertise in numerous mission-critical areas. Buck focuses on four key insights: developing personal relationships with clients, creative problem solving through innovation, sorting through the complex financial issues relating to HR, and aligning HR goals with larger corporate objectives.
Buck Consultants is a subsidiary of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Mellon Financial Corp., a global financial services company. Buck recently added about 400 HR consultants when Mellon acquired Unifi Network, a subsidiary of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
To contact Buck, visit or call (800) 470-2766.
The Dear Workforce Experts
The Segal Company
The Segal Company has provided employee benefits, actuarial, compensation and human resources consulting services for more than 60 years. The company’s practices cover three distinct markets: corporate and non-profit, public sector and Taft-Hartley plans. The Segal Company is a completely independent organization with no ties to any other companies. Headquartered in New York City, The Segal Company has offices throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, The Segal Company is a founding member of the Multinational Group of Actuaries and Consultants.
Key Areas of Service:
Actuarial Services for the design of defined benefit and defined contribution plans, the preparation and review of actuarial valuations, and the valuation of retiree health plan liabilities and obligations, long-term disability plans and other health programs.
Compliance Services include the review of plan document, plan enrollment information and participant correspondence for compliance with IRC and DOL provisions and regulations, internal and external consistency and provision of clear rules and guidelines for plan operation.
Defined Contribution Services center around helping client select DC plan service vendors (through Segal Advisors, Inc.). Traditional consulting and evaluation of 401(k) and profit sharing plans by Segal Company consultants are also available.
Employee Communication Services include the strategic planning for using communications to help plan sponsors achieve their benefits and HR goals.
Health Benefits Services include the design of medical, dental, prescription drug and vision benefit plans; assistance in selection and quality evaluation of insurers and managed care organizations; and, projections of benefit costs.
Human Resource Innovation is a collective name for the company’s human resources, compensation and work/life consulting services that include:
  • Strategic Planning and Service Delivery Modeling,
  • Compensation Plan Design,
  • Technology Assessment and Selection,
  • Organizational Performance Measurement, and
  • Work/Life Programs.
Investment Performance Services provided by Segal Advisors Inc. (the investment consulting affiliate of The Segal Company) include asset allocation studies, evaluation of investment performance, assistance in setting investment policy, manager selection and other services related to the management of investment programs.
Contact for more information.
The Dear Workforce Experts
The Stress Doc
Mark Gorkin, known as the Stress Doc, has more than 20 years’ experience as a training expert and organizational development consultant to hundreds of major corporations, associations, nonprofits and federal and state government agencies.
Gorkin is a licensed clinical social worker/psychotherapist and self-proclaimed "psychohumorist" who touts using humor as one way of relieving stress and tension in the workplace. His work encompasses many areas, including stress management, team-building exercises, organizational change, workplace violence, conflict resolution, anger management, employee motivation and burnout.
His Washington, D.C. practice has served clients that include Tellabs, Lucent Technologies, Biography Magazine, Hogan and Hartson, Curtis Chevrolet Dealership, Navy Sea Systems Command, NASA, American College of Physicians, Cornell Medical Hospital, and Georgetown University.
Gorkin also is a motivational speaker and syndicated columnist whose work appears in a variety of online publications, including. His Web site,, includes his syndicated Online Psychohumorist writings and information on his trademarked Practicing Safe Stress programs.
To contact Gorkin, visit, call202/232.8662 or email
The Dear Workforce Experts
T. Williams Consulting
T. Williams Consulting, Inc. (TWC) of Collegeville, Pa., is a world-class management consulting firm specializing in strategic staffing. Since 1996, TWC has helped its clients - from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies - to build their businesses and achieve success.
TWC provides staffing assessments, on-site project staffing, mission critical retained staffing, and staffing process and systems consulting to high technology companies in a variety of industries.
TWC’s Project Staffing Practice focuses on sourcing and attracting the nation’s top talent. Project Staffing management consultants are experts at analyzing corporate growth objectives and developing staffing strategies that quickly meet and exceed them.
TWC’s e-ComNET Practice is focused on the unique needs of emerging technology start-ups. The team is supported by TWC’s leading-edge staffing processes and high-tech tools to ensure success.
With its Retained Staffing Practice, TWC also offers an alternative to traditional executive search. With a dual emphasis on quality and speed, the Retained Staffing Practice specializes in the senior management needs of high-tech firms.
With a focus on staffing effectiveness, the Strategy, Systems and Process (SSP) Practice provides staffing strategy and systems consulting to a wide variety of clients. As a part of the SSP Practice, TWC also offers the Staffing Power ToolKit, a comprehensive resource guide that is focused on improving the staffing function through the use of re-engineering and quality assessment techniques.
Aside from its headquarters, TWC operates offices in Phoenix, Chicago and Washington D.C. To contact the company, visit, telephone toll free 866/TWC.1500 or send e-mail to Michael A. Sweeny is Managing Director, Project Staffing.
The Dear Workforce Experts
The Pathfinder's Group (An affiliate of The Chatfield Group)
The Pathfinder’s Group is a Chicago-based compensation and benefits consulting firm that provides organizations with a broad array of consulting tools and services geared toward performance and value. It is an affiliate of The Chatfield Group.

The Pathfinder’s Group focuses on enhancing and improving the effectiveness of pay and benefit systems. The company works with companies to help them ensure that their remuneration programs are linked to and integrated with overall business objectives, as well as results.

Some specific services that the firm provides include strategic consulting, cash compensation and reward plans design, benefits plan design, business process design and analysis, administrative efficiency and HR service delivery.

During his 22-year career, Robert Fulton, the firm’s managing director, has assisted senior management teams with recreating their total remuneration strategies at various companies, including such service and industrial organizations as Ameritech Publishing, Sara Lee Bakery, Keebler Company, Sweetheart Cup Company and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Fulton is a senior affiliate of The Chatfield Group, an alliance of experienced consultants who help organizations in four key areas:

· Human Resource Management
· Compensation and Benefits
· Marketing & Communications
· Organizational Development

For more information on The Pathfinder’s Group, contact Robert Fulton at or 630-605-9418. Find more information on The Chatfield Group here.
The Dear Workforce Experts
Mellon HR Solutions
Mellon HR Solutions brings together a broad array of HR outsourcing service offerings in a single unified business.

The company’s services include:

  • HR/payroll and benefits outsourcing, including record-keeping and administration
  • Investment management and consulting
  • Pension payroll
  • Trust and custody
  • Self-directed brokerage option
  • Compliance testing

Participants and managers access services through three real-time access channels: a Web application, a voice-response system, and customer service center. These access channels support a wide range of transactions and provide real-time access to important HR information 24/7 x 365.

Mellon HR Solutions is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Its 3,200 associates currently administer and service more than 190 clients for HR outsourcing, including Total Benefits Outsourcing and single discipline outsourcing, HR, payroll, and learning programs.

Mellon HR Solutions is a subsidiary of Pittsburgh, Penn.-based Mellon Financial Corp., a global financial services company.

To contact Mellon, visit

The Dear Workforce Experts
Development Dimensions International
Since 1970, Development Dimensions International (DDI) has helped organizations select, develop, and retain extraordinary people.

DDI’s two major areas of expertise include:

  • Strengthening an organization’s leadership talent at all levels so they can more successfully execute their business needs.

  • Designing and implementing selection systems aimed at helping companies find and hire better people faster.

Applying Web-based technologies, DDI provides solutions customized to individual clients. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based company draws on the expertise of more than 1,000 experienced associates in 70 locations around the world.

For more information about DDI, visit

The Dear Workforce Experts

Hay Group
Hay Group is a professional services and e-business firm that helps organizations get the most from their people. The company espouses the belief that people, not strategies, drive long-term competitive advantage. Its focus is on people and work.

The company structures, measures and rewards work. Hay Group tries to understand people as individuals and in teams to better analyze and track their competencies, motivations and potential. The company also boasts the capability to assess, predict, and influence performance.

Hay Group’s primary objective is to bring the best, most innovative solutions to its clients. Considerable importance is attached to its proven methodologies and global knowledge databases. This expertise is shared in four ways: consulting; providing compensation information, carrying out customer and employee surveys, and by offering e-business solutions.

Founded in 1943 in Philadelphia, Hay Group has grown to include 73 offices in 35 countries. To learn more about Hay Group, visit

The Dear Workforce Experts

Advantage Human Resourcing
Advantage Human Resourcing provides professional and support-level talent, including Advantage Search for direct-hire promotions; Advantage Placement, for temp-to-hire placements; and Advantage Assignment, for temporary or project-based needs.

Advantage provides its clients with talent for administrative and clerical support, creative and presentation support, customer service, finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, legal support, and sales and marketing positions. Advantage’s workforce programs, including Partnered Outsourcing, On Location Talent Management, Partnered Recruiting, and Outplacement, strive to have a direct impact on bottom-line results.

Advantage’s customers include corporations, government agencies, and health and educational organization. Catherine C. Candland, who is president and chief executive officer, founded the company in 1983. Advantage is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise.

For information on Advantage Human Resourcing, visit or call 1-800-WORKING.

The Dear Workforce Experts

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