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HR's Customers Say It Doesn't Always Deliver

May 17, 2002
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Alan Wolfson, a consultant with the Hay Group, has worked with many organizations to conduct HR audits.These observations about what customers want -- and how they perceive HR -- are drawn from audit results and what he hears in his continuing practice.

WhatHR Customers NeedHowHR is Seen by Customers
High-qualityhiresItgets a list of "bodies" quickly
Dismissalof performersItcreates roadblocks that are impossible to cross
Payfor performanceAnydeparture from established scales means trouble
Trainingto help employees improve their performanceAppraisalsmust be completed on time; content doesn't really matter
Recognitionthat improving skills is essential to long-term successTrainingprograms will be run only when there are enough people to justify thecost; programs are judged on process, not content
Flexibilityin applying rules to meet the requirements of departments and employeesArule is a rule

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