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Top 25 Corporate Staffing Sites for 2002

October 26, 2002
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Listed below are CAREERXROADS’s top 25 corporate staffing sites for 2002.The list was compiled from a study of employment sections on Fortune 500 Websites. In order to create the top 25, Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler formed achecklist of five factors to help them assess each site: readiness, navigation,image, relevance, and feedback.

    One of their main priorities was how user-friendly the Web sites were; forexample, how the site motivates or intrigues visitors to apply for jobs orinteract with the site. Also taken into consideration: the amount ofinformation, and the ease of navigation through the sites.

Apple -

Capital One -

Corning -

Dell -

Kodak -


Exxon -

Federated Stores -,

General Motors -

Intel -

Kellogg -

Eli Lilly -

McDonalds -

Micron -

Microsoft -

3M -


Nike -

Proctor & Gamble -

Robinson (CH) -

Rockwell Int'l -

Southwest Airlines -

Sun -

TI -

Xerox -

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