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Table of Contents November 2002

November 8, 2002
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Who Are You Really Hiring?
Companies often don't screen executive-level applicants. They should. High echelon crooks and cons can cost your company a fortune. But there are ways to safeguard a firm from liars and cheats at the top.
By Shari Caudron
Reining in Relocation Costs
Rising costs are prompting companies to institute home-sale programs, tiered relocation packages, and cafeteria plans.
By Fay Hansen
7 Steps Before Strategy
In the rush to get a seat at the corporate table, some HR professionals skip the basics. That ruins HR's credibility and holds it back. Here's what you must do before you can strategize.
By Bruce N. Pfau and Bonnie Bell Cundiff
Workforce Planning: Why to Start Now
Workforce planning lets HR manage talent shortages and surpluses. By understanding business cycles and tending to "talent pipelines" and current talent inventories, HR can act, instead of just react.
By John Sullivan
Take the Gamble Out of an LMS
Leaning management systems are used to automate the administration of online training programs. They can save a lot of money--if you know how to make a smart choice, and if there's organizational support.
By Kevin Dobbs
Optimas Award Service: Health Partners
When there's fast, effective training to be done, Health Partner's Organizational Learning Center is on the job. It has saved the organization money, allayed fears of change, and made the transition to a new $3million date-processing system a success.
By Patick J. Kiger

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HR Technology 2003
HR technology focuses on streamlining and ROI: HR technologies continue to make processes faster, easier and more efficient. But with the economy in slow mode and budgets down, companies are refocusing their technology investments. The emphasis is on upgrading and integrating HRMS functions, automating recruiting tasks, including risk management, and using analytics for strategic planning.


Between the Lines
Playing the HR Game
Viva Barbie • The misuse of e-mail • How long does it take to recover from carpel tunnel surgery?
The Buzz
W-mail Reveals a Literacy Gap • Well Done: At Home at Fannie Mae • HR in Pop Culture: Consenting Adults at Work
On the Contrary
Why We Work: Is it the cash, the perks, the glory? Not entirely, Shari Caudron tells her niece. HR understands that people work because it fulfills them in innumerable ways.
What Works
The Problem with Know-It-Alls: Tom Terez has worked for the guy who has all the answers, and it left him questioning why anyone would bother listening to him.
Dear Workforce:
Giving disabled employees a chance • Making the case for adding staff • Bonuses in non-profit organizations.
Small, Medium, Large
Incentives and the Art of Changing Behavior: If you want people to take on new roles, or act differently, it helps if you reward the new behavior. Here's how three companies rewarded the employers who made change work.
Legal Insight
Watch Out for Pregnancy Discrimination: Pregnancy-bias claims have jumped 25 percent in the last decade. Here's what companies need to know about the law around expectant parenthood. Legal Posts: The employee is overpaid--literally.
Think Twice
It Their Debt, But It's Your Problem: Your employees are up to their eyeballs in debt. And that makes your job tougher: they're less productive and prone to job-jumping. Todd Raphael has some ideas for how you can help them. It will make your life easier.

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