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0212 Success Stories - Embracing Success

November 26, 2002
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Opportunity. Creativity. Innovation. Success. These concepts go together,embodying what’s best about American culture--a "can do" attitude. As the5 companies profiled in the following pages show, that spirit of innovationmeans challenging old assumptions. It means taking risks to try something new,to shake up the organization, to challenge individuals and companies to besomething more than they are today. 

    It wasn’t always easy. They all facedhurdles along the way, but they identified them, investigated their options andconsidered the ramifications of each decision. Ultimately, they made a choice,developed a strategy, refined it and guided it through implementation. Risky?Sure. But their results are tangible and measurable. In daring to become thebest, these 5 companies have found ways to work better, smarter and faster.They embody the spirit of America--the spirit of Innovation.

Workforce, December 2002, pp. 56-64 -- Subscribe Now!

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