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MyHRIS is the Solution

January 1, 2001
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Today more then ever, managing theemployee relationship is critical to a business's success. Access to information cannot be a "back room" function. The challenge is to find an easy and cost effective HR system thatmanagers and employees will not only use but embrace. The management of recruiting, benefit reporting, open enrollments, lifeevents, performance appraisals and employee development, etc., requires the besttools and systems to ensure accuracy, timing, retention and productivity. NuView's solution was to get easy-to-use tools in the hands of peoplethat face these challenges.  Howabout having access to those tools anytime and anywhere? 

    This is what MyHRIS is all about.  With the explosion of the Internet, NuView’s solution madesense – create a Web-based HRIS solution that places the right tools in thehands of those that need them. The result was MyHRIS, which has become atrailblazer among Web-based HRIS applications. It is among the best and brightest in the industry, proven by earning HRExecutive Magazine’s prestigious "2000Ten Best” Human Resource products!  

   MyHRISis a complete human resource toolbox. A solution that includes all the employeeand employer relationship tools and data.  Toolslike benefits administration, applicant tracking, training administration,succession planning, organization charts and workflow self-service for managers,employees and guests. Tailored to the individual businesses' needs, companiescan rent or buy the best productivity solution since the computer. 

HRBusiness Problem
   For HR professionals, accessingemployee information should be accomplished with the most useful andcost-effective HRIS solutions possible.  Thesoftware must be user-friendly yet state-of-the-art in order to completeday-to-day HR tasks quickly, efficiently and accurately. NuView took the initiative with the introduction of MyHRIS in January1999.  MyHRIS fits perfectly withwhat NuView Systems is all about - leading the industry in Web-native HRISsolutions.

   NuView solved the majorproblem of accessibility by pioneering one of the first fully Web-based HRsolutions in the industry.  MyHRISuses the innovative NuNavigator for quick selection and easy navigationthroughout the system.  In addition,it provides instant updates and reports.  MyHRISand its "workflow" employee and managers self-service modules are fastbecoming the toolbox of choice. NuView’s client base has been extremelyecstatic with the MyHRIS solution and it shows.  

   For example, when CoWareInc., a California-based Hardware/Software CODESIGN firm was looking for aHR solution to manage their growing business needs, they asked for references. The responses they received from current MyHRIS clients were verypositive and influenced their decision in choosing their HRIS provider. In addition, they demanded their HR information be accessible anytime,anywhere.  The objective was to finda Web-native solution with a proven record of accomplishment. 

   CoWarehad a variety of significant Human Resource challenges and NuView gave them thesolutions.  One particular concernwas the need to give multiple employees’ access to the HRIS system as opposedto involving a manager every time information was needed. One of the key benefits of MyHRIS is the innovative Self-Service feature. It’s comprised of Employee, Guest and Manager Self-Service modules.Self-Service stores, maintains and manages information available for employeeand manager access. Because the system is Web-based, accessibility would not bea problem, and would thus satisfy one of the essential requirements of CoWare.  

   As with any application using the Internet, securityprotocols were a significant factor.  CoWarefound that with MyHRIS, login security and access was controlled and virtuallyfoolproof.  Once inside the system,record security has the ability to restrict access to certain records,departments, employees and more. All transactions are secured through SSLtechnology.  This is the samesecurity mechanism used by banks and online stores for similar e-commercetransactions. 

    Because CoWarehas been extremely successful in their own industry, they also needed solutionthat would grow with them.  As JoyceDong, CoWare’s HR Analyst said: “Whenwe [were choosing] a particular software company, we wanted to make sure thesoftware grew with us”.  Shealso revealed that they would not need some of the MyHRIS features – yet. However, "...ina couple years, the growth and needs of the our company is sure to increase andthus the role of the HR department will increase as well."  

   You can count on MyHRIS to provide solutions today and tomorrow. NuView designed its solution with this in mind. The system architecture allows for enormous growth and flexibility. Many users don’t require some of the advanced features at the time ofpurchase, but they understand the challenges they will face in the future. MyHRIS recognizes this, and is specifically designed to “grow” withthe company it serves.  The systemfeatures are customized to the exact needs and requirements of each client.

    An example of this growth is succession planning.  An organization's ability to meet its future demands dependson the ability of its management to support the corporate strategy. Judicious management development and succession planning ensures that anorganization has trained and capable managers and employees to guide its growth.

    The MyHRIS Success module helps reducethe administrative stress in identifying, preparing and developing leaders forfuture positions.  Managementselects the employee, their career path and their development, skills needed,and Success facilitates with anemployee plan. 

   As with any system implementation, theease of integration is a very important factor. Often, the implementation processes and procedures are a critical factorin choosing a solutions provider.  Asbefore, NuView Systems recognized this and has one of the easiest and fastestimplementation processes in the industry.  Whencharacterizing the implementation of MyHRIS, Joyce Dong had this to say: “Itis actually very easy and relatively painless. NuView did most of the work with a [sensible] response time”.  

   Because the implementation is instinctive, the client often shares in theworkload to reduce cost and broaden their knowledge of the product. Implementing MyHRIS is also cost-effective because NuView handles theset-up work in-house, thereby drastically reducing travel costs and the need foronsite consultants, saving both time and money. 

   The impact is productivity. Human Resource employees and managers can take advantage of Workflow andautomatic e/mail and more to get everyone on the same page. Created with over 20 man-years, NuView’s clients expect only the bestHR solutions possible.  For CoWare Inc.,MyHRIS answered their needs, the implementation was organized, quick andcustomer support has been second-to-none.  

   Looking back on the entire process, Joyce Dong gave thisadvice for those looking for a quality HRMS product: “Study what product[they] have to offer. Customerservice is also extremely important with any HRIS solution and NuView’scustomer service is extremely good.”  

   NuViewis enjoying its leadership position in Web-native HR solutions with over 250,000employees processing on MyHRIS in less than 2 years, and a 2001 forecastedgrowth rate of over 350%.  As aself-financed corporation with no ancillary funding or credit used, NuView hasbeen built from the ground up to provide the best "Answer in HRsolutions". 

   Choosing the right HR solutionsprovider is a formidable, yet crucial task for the success of any Human Resourcedepartment.  NuView has been theanswer to CoWare and no systemdecisions should be made without taking a look at the one of the top productsand HR solution teams in the industry.

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