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January 3, 2001
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Rate card No. 38 effective January 2001.

B & W1x4x6x9x12x18x24x
1/2page (isl.)$3,230$3,065$2,935$2,855$2,740$2,620$2,520
2 Color1x4x6x9x12x18x24x
1/2page (isl.)$4,050$3,885$3,755$3,675$3,560$3,435$3,335
1/2page (isl.)$5,175$5,015$4,885$4,805$4,690$4,570$4,470
5th Color $1,095 additional/page.Metallic $1,340 additional/page.
C 2$7,920$7,605$7,460$7,340$7,125$6,920$6,760
C 3$7,590$7,290$7,150$7,030$6,835$6,630$6,480
C 4$8,260$7,925$7,765$7,645$7,425$7,210$7,040
Guaranteed Positions -- Full-pagespace can be guaranteed on a space-available basis: page rate plus 15%.
ClassifiedDisplay Rates1x4x6x12x
Full page$3,055$2,725$2,630$2,460
2/3 page$2,440$2,175$2,030$1,795
1/2 page (isl.)$2,190$1,960$1,805$1,620
1/2 page$1,950$1,720$1,605$1,435
1/3 page$1,525$1,365$1,270$1,130
1/6 page$945$860$805$725
1/12 page$490$430$400$375
1/24 page$240$215$200$190
Classified advertising isavailable by the word at $8.25/word, prepaid net (minimum 30 words, or$250).
The first three words will bein bold.

2001Growth Discount
Advertisers expanding their 2001 marketing efforts in Workforce may be entitled to significant added discounts of up to 15% on eachadditional insertion. Speak with your Workforce sales consultant for details.

Workforce Media VIP Programs
As a valuable client of Workforce, you are entitled tothe benefits of the Workforce Values & Incentives Program (VIP). VIP pointsreflect your total spending, plus your long-term association with Workforce. VIPpoints are applied to your choice of value-added merchandising programs.

Audited by BPA International


Trim Size: 8-1/8"x 10-7/8"
Double-Page Spread:16-1/4" x 10-7/8"
Live Matter: 7"x 10" on full pages
Bleed Size: 8-3/8"x 11-1/8"
Double-Page Spread: 16-3/4"x 11-1/8"

Required AdvertisingMaterials
B/W Film: Right-reading,emulsion-side-down negative. 150-line screen. Laser prints are unacceptablefor publication reproduction. All materials other than composite negativeswill incur production charges.

4/C Film: Right-reading,emulsion-side-down negatives. 150-line screen. Indicate bleed, trim andcenter marks on film. Mark each negative for color. Total 4/C density mustnot exceed 280% maximum. All materials other than composite negatives willincur production charges. Printed offset web, perfect bound.

Color Proof: Onecolor proof is required. Advertiser will be billed $785 per ad page if proofis missing.

Digital File:Acceptable formats are QuarkXPress (all graphic files must beincluded), Illustrator EPS and Photoshop TIFF or EPS. Convert color imagesto CMYK format. All fonts must be approved prior to sending file. Ahard-copy proof must accompany digital file. For a complete digitalspecification sheet, call (714) 751-1883 or email

Production Charges:Materials that do not meet specifications will be convertedand billed to the advertiser. Advertiser will be billed for otherproduction, including strip-in text, key codes, typesetting, etc. Minimumcharge is $75. Production services are noncommissionable.

Closing Dates
Insertion orders are due the 25th ofthe second month preceding publication date (e.g., January 25 for Marchissue). Film materials and digital files are due the 1st of the monthpreceding publication date (e.g., February 1 for the March issue); materialsreceived after the 6th of the month of the preceding publication date willincur a $100 late fee.

Shipping Instructions
To guarantee safe delivery of ad materials, we recommendusing an overnight delivery service. All advertising material andcorrespondence should be sent to: Workforce, 245 Fischer Avenue, Suite B-2,Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Telephone 714/ 751-1883. All correspondence, with theexception of film and payments, can be faxed to: 714/ 751-4106.

Furnished Business Reply Cards (BRC)
Business reply cards are acceptable in combination withsingle or multiple full pages. Advertiser to supply completely printed,perforated and trimmed BRCs. Card stock: minimum 70#, maximum 100#.

Spoilage Allowance: 3%. Callfor print count.

BRC Mechanical Requirements: Minimumsize: 4-1/8" x 6-1/8". Call to receive complete specifications.

Ship Preprinted Cards To: PublishersPress, 13487 S. Preston, Lebanon Junction, KY 40150. Attn:Workforce/publication date (e.g., Workforce/March 2000)

Due: Delivered to Publishers Press nolater than the 15th of the month preceding publication date (e.g., February15 for March issue).

Cost: Full-page, earnedblack-and-white rate. Rate includes binding. Card is counted toward pagefrequency.

Note: Business reply postcardscannot be inserted between page one and the cover orthe last page and the back cover.

Furnished Inserts
Two Pages: Earnedblack-and-white rate, less 25%. (One sheet printedfront and back, preprinted, full run, tip or bind.)

Four to Six Pages: Earnedblack-and-white rate, less 35%. (Two or three sheets printed front and back,preprinted, full run, tip or bind.)

Eight Pages: Earned black-and-whiterate, less 40%. (Four sheets printed front and back, preprinted, full run,tip or bind.)

Pages count toward the ROP pagerate frequency. See spoilage allowance, shipping requirements and due datespecifications for business reply cards (above). Regional inserts are available.Contact your sales consultant.

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