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Pioneers in Online Mediation

January 21, 2001
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Conflict in the workplace wastes time,costs money, damages morale, and chews up managers’ limited energies. That’sthe cold, hard truth that HR professionals face every day, according to KristinaEisenacher, founder of, an online mediation service targetingemployers and HR professionals.
Enter “online mediation” in thesearch field of the American Bar Association’s Web site.
Visit The Internet Mediator, whichoffers services and training in online mediation.
Find alternative dispute-resolutionresources.
Find online negotiating ande-commerce solutions.
Read articles about online mediationposted by the Conflict Resolution Resource Center.
See how disputants settle insuranceclaims.
Learn where to find virtualconference groupware and technological support for online mediation.
Find mediators and a mediationresource list.
This provider offersconflict-prevention, management, and resolution services and training gearedto employers and HR.
Learn about a five-step onlinedispute-resolution process.
Learn how to resolve e-commercedisputes, insurance claims, business negotiations, EEOC issues, and familyconflicts online.
Follow the Society of Professionalsin Dispute Resolution’s task force on online mediation.
See where eBay settles its disputesbetween buyers and sellers.
Learn how the federal government isusing online mediation with its clients.
Visit the Web site for the Centerfor Information Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University ofMassachusetts, Amherst.

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