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Dear Workforce Who’s Paying Immigration Filing Fees

Companies are paying, in exchange for a contract with the employee.
February 14, 2001
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    How are other companiesin the high-tech field and beyond handling the payment of immigration filingfees for current employees with expired H1-Bs or those interested in obtaining aGreen Card?

-Allison K. 

ADear Allison: 

    As a rule, manycompanies are paying for most if not all of the fees associated with theiremployees' Green Card filings. 

    This is a good faith effortto show the company's commitment to the employee. In return, the companywill get the employee to sign a document stating that the employee will beresponsible to pay back the costs if the employees terminates employment within(generally) two years of the receipt of the Green Card. 

SOURCE: Mike Sweeny, T. Williams Consulting, Collegeville, PA. 

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